Episode 16: Smash Hits – 10-23 August 1988 with Jude Rogers

Welcome back to The Giddy Carousel of Pop! Hang on tight for a top pop ride.

In this episode, writer Jude Rogers (The Guardian, The Quietus, Mojo and more) takes us back to her days as a day 10 year-old pop kid in August 1988 and the very first Smash Hits she ever bought. Along the way we discuss Kylie Minogue, Pat Benatar, Tanita Tikaram, Yazz, Bomb The Bass, Bros, Nik Kershaw, Billy Idol, R.E.M., Brother Beyond, band t-shirts, Prince, Michael Jackson and loads more! Plus the usual RSVP and singles reviews. We also hear from one of the pop stars who appears in this issue of Ver Hits!

Read along with us thanks to Like Punk Never Happened and Smash Hits Remembered.

And check out the playlists of pretty much all the songs featured in this issue of Ver Hits on Spotify and YouTube.

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Find out more about the many things Jude does via her website: http://www.juderogers.com

Jude’s interview with Sylvia Patterson And Miranda Sawyer (The Quietus, 2016): https://thequietus.com/articles/20560-sylvia-patterson-miranda-sawyer-jude-rogers-interview

Jude’s piece on her REM fandom (The Guardian, 2021): https://www.theguardian.com/music/2021/feb/24/rem-how-the-arty-pop-gods-taught-a-shy-south-wales-girl-to-be-herself

Our episode with Barry McIlheney where he talks about his encounter with Michael Jackson: https://link.chtbl.com/yt2JHMWr

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