Episode 13: Smash Hits 1-14 April 1992 – with Laura Kelly

In our first foray into the 1990s, journalist and podcaster Laura Kelly from The Big Issue joins us on the carousel and takes us back to the Smash Hits of 1-14 April 1992.

And it’s a very different Smash Hits from what we’ve covered so far on the podcast, with TV and film stars getting as much attention as pop stars. We’re also introduced to a raft of new features including ‘No! Not The Biscuit Tin!’ and Sylvia Patterson steals the show with her glorious feature on the Manic Street Preachers. Laura tells us about the life-changing impact that piece had on her as a 10-year old music fan growing up in Belfast.

*Disclaimer: Any positive opinions about Right Said Fred were made before they brought shame on Ver Hits family. Just so you know.

You can read the issue for yourself thanks to Smash Hits Remembered and also check out the music from its pages on our Spotify and YouTube playlists. It’s the next best thing to taping it off the radio!

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